Unsilenced Queens & Silenced Faces

by Lorenzo Tassone

KOURAJ was recently visited by the Chicago-based freelance photographer Lorenzo Tassone who came to Haiti to capture moments in the lives of KOURAJ members and have them tell their stories for the world. KOURAJ is pleased to present « Unsilenced Queens & Silenced Faces, » a photo essay published by our dear friend Lorenzo. « Each of us – gay and straight, tall and short, black and white – has a story. All of us want love, friendship, family, compassion, a place to feel safe to be who we are away from those who treat us unfairly. We all have stories. And it is those stories that I intend to tell through my photography, » Lorenzo tells KOURAJ. After an entire week together with KOURAJ, in our meetings, in our homes, in the streets with us, Lorenzo prepared several photos to give his art back to the community. In addition, he lent cameras to members of KOURAJ so they could take them into their homes and neighborhoods to share what could never be seen by outsiders. The photos tell their own story. Thank you to Lorenzo, forever our friend and ally in this larger struggle for rights and equality, for believing.

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