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bat and run it New features BINLOADer replaces the Windows 3.x CASSETTE interface with BINLOADER Viewer, a new graphical file viewer that supports the.bin files that were introduced with AutoData 3.40. Furthermore, AutoData 3.40 brings a new feature that automatically checks the integrity of a new file you are about to import (from a CD or the Network) to see if it's really what you think it is. This feature is available through the Advanced->Check file integrity menu option. New AutoData connectors The new AutoData 3.40 release includes a number of new connectors that greatly expand the functionality of the program. New connectors include: NeoNet Server – supports multi-level addressing to connect to Internet Servers and other Neo-Net enabled devices. Scripted EtherNet Interface – supports Scripted EtherNet network topologies. CeSO-Ethernet Interface – supports special purpose EtherNet cards. CePRO-Ethernet Interface – supports special purpose EtherNet cards. Release history AutoData 3.41 AutoData 3.41 was released on August 30, 2001. This version of AutoData does not support the AutoData On-Line Update feature. AutoData 3.5 AutoData 3.5 was released on May 1, 2002. AutoData 3.5 is for those users with the AutoData Central Application installed, and does not contain the AutoData Library. AutoData 3.41 Upgrade – released May 5, 2002 AutoData 3.5 Upgrade – released August 27, 2003 References External links AutoData site Category:Windows CD/DVD writing software Category:Windows-only software0 S o l v e 5 * c - 4 = 3 7 , 2 0 + f r . 1 z d




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